Dan (slurm1) wrote in creativescieng,

Film Industry

Anyone know of any careers a mechanical engineer can pursue in the film industry? I would like to work as close to the set as possible, not just a distant desk job when I design cameras or that sorta stuff.
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well you could start off apprenticing in set design and construction. also there are positions in sound and lighting engineers. It all depends on if you are willing to get shit pay for several years.
There's also robotics, not just fake dinosaurs etc. but also things like camera stunts, or I'd imagine even things like demolition or special effects would need people with an engineering background.
that's what i was thinking. and i think a lot of the action movie sets have to be engineered to to make stunts work.
I would think there would be lots of ME applications -- cars have to be thrown, people need to fly, entire sets are lifted and spun around...