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PhD in software and art

Some of you might be interested in this PhD position. Deadline 20th of May.

The university NTNU in Trondheim, Norway ( is looking for someone with a master in informatics or something like it for "empirical examinations of software for artistic purposes". (Creative! :-D)
Primarily someone with documented knowledge, experience and reflections around research methods and use of these in empirical examinations. Those who don't master a scandinavian language is also invited, given that they'd be willing to try to learn the norwegian language and get to know the culture.

The full text is available in norwegian at this address. Or you can contact professor Letizia Jaccheri at phone +4791897028 (time-zone: GMT+1) or e-mail:

Pre-requisites for a PhD at NTNU should be available at their website, though foreign educations will probably require some interpretation by NTNU. :-)

The professor also announced this PhD in her own blog.
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That professor's blog is full of interesting information. For example, if I didn't have a zillion other things I'm in the middle of, I'd be downloading Pure Data right now, heh.

I'm also finding it interesting that more people than I initially thought seem to share my strange intersection of interests: dynamic AI/fine arts. I suppose it makes sense for a number of reasons now that I think about it. Our ability to produce art at all gets at a number of interesting questions in pattern recognition, etc. Hm...