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Science Education

Hi there. I am in my second semester in the Science Education MA program at the University of Michigan. For a class this semester, I decided I want to explore different formats for teaching the sciences at the high school level. Specifically, I want to see if there is any data on the typical Earth Science-Biology-Chemistry-Physics curriculum, but assembled in such a way that the easy portions of each are introduced in the first year, and by senior year, every student would have the equivalent of a year of each. The difference being that students who are not inclined to take the full range of science courses would still have some basic knowledge of all of them, rather than just stopping after Earth Science or Bio.

My question is this: Does this idea have a name? I have googled around a bit and am about to peruse ERIC and Education Abstracts, but I'm not even sure what to call it. Does anybody (zarq?) have an idea (or even some references I could check out)?

Thanks much, Elisa
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