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"ïmagination is more important than knowledge"


creative science and engineering
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Purpose: A forum to discuss creativity in worlds of science and engineering in practice, research and education.


If in an argument please don't correct the person's spelling or personally insult them. If you have trouble understanding what they are saying ask them to re-phrase or clarify. Give counter examples and point out faulty logic.

Posts should be on the topics of science, engineering or mathematics with relevence to creativity (This is purposefully vague. Please don't abuse it or it will stop being vague.). Philosophical posts are obviously also acceptable if it has relevence to this topic. Other than that try to use your common sense.

Please do not advertise ratings communities. Please do advertise science/math/engineering related communities. Keep advertisements to no more than three lines. Only advertise once. Advertising more than once within this community will be considered spamming.

Posts which would scroll an average-sized open browser window (i.e. 154 lines) should be lj-cut.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the maintainer(s):paper_crystals please e-mail me at paper_crystals@yahoo.com. If you e-mail me through any other address I will be forced to delete your e-mail.

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